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 Slot System

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PostSubject: Slot System   Wed May 11, 2016 6:06 pm

Slots: All characters are granted the use of slots to enhance your character's capabilities in different ways. You can use these for making use of active commands, equipping armor and weapons, and having other items at the ready. However, there is a limit to how many slots you have, but this grows with leveling up your character, but this is not for all. Some information you find in here might seem repetitive due to them being present in other guideline threads, but that is to help make things more clear for you.

  • Equipment Slots: Equipment slots are used to equip your character with different pieces of armor to give your character a bit of an edge. You can buy equipment at the Item Shop, or you can make your own at the Equipment Registration topic. You are granted 4 slots at the start. 2 of these slots are for armor, and the other 2 are for your primary and secondary weapons. These slots are not able to increase, unless you purchase a certain item that allows for an addition of equipment slots.
  • Item Slots: Item slots are used for prepping yourself with recovery items for when you need them during combat. After you have purchased some, you can equip them for when you might need them. You have 2 item slots to begin with, but this can be increased by leveling up to a certain point.
    -Level 10: +1 item slot
    -Level 20: +1 item slot
    -Level 30: +1 item slot
    -Level 40: +1 item slot
    -Level 50: +1 item slot
  • Transportation Slot: This slot, the Transportation Slot, is used for when you have a vessel that is ready for use. You can only have a single vessel in this slot. So, if you have numerous types of transportation, you can only equip one of them. If the equipped vessel is destroyed, then replace it with any that you might have on standby. Corridors of Darkness can also be equipped here after being purchased.
  • Weapon Slots: Weapon slots are for when you use certain tools in combat. For example, you can equip a sword, gun, Keyblade, and etc. There are only 2 slots that can be used, and this cannot be increased. The first slot is for your primary tool for combat, and the second slot is for your secondary tool of choice. While you can purchase and make as many as you want, you can only utilize two of those and switch them out if you want to use something else.
  • Command Slots: Command slots are used for when you have gained techniques and magic to use for combat. These are your Active Abilities and the number of how many you can have equipped increases after increasing your level to a certain point. You are able to start out with 3 command slots, and you can gain 4 more later on. More information about Commands can be found here.

For keeping track of your available slots, post in your Journal Entry (your locker is merely to keep track of every item and piece of equipment you have). You can only equip the things that you have purchased or been given by another member. 
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Slot System
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