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 Alignments Guideline

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PostSubject: Alignments Guideline   Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:26 pm


Everyone stands somewhere, morally. And while we can't categorize people in an exact way that is easy for everyone to understand, we can make a generalization for how most people act. These also help with determining how you want your character to be developed. For the time being, there is no other significant role for alignments. But, if the time does come, there may be changes made with this.

Neutral: Those who are neutral typically don't follow the ways of darkness or light. There has not yet been certain triggers in their lives that guide them to become more chaotic or lawful. For having an expanded plot for your character, it's best that you start with a neutral alignment and progress to the next one with RP, plot progression.

Lawful Neutral: While still not following the light or darkness, those of the lawful neutral tend to keep away from doing anything for the darkness. They follow the laws of order without having too much involvement with the other forces.

Chaotic Neutral: Similarly to lawful neutral, those who belong to chaotic neutral have no significant standings. They are more along the lines of not doing anything for the light and tend to progress deeper into the arms of darkness with their actions and intent. While they typically disregard the will of order, there isn't too much involvement with other forces.

Good: In this alignment, a character is one of those who'd try to do good deeds and bring good fortune to others around them. Generally, those who are following the light belong to this alignment and have a good eye for justice.

Chaotic Good: Those who fall under the chaotic good alignment are characters who follow their own consciences to conduct their business. While they regularly follow the path of light, not even the law can keep them from carrying out their personal duties.

Lawful Good: Order, justice, and all things that put the light above all else. These are the characters that would never break any laws meant to establish peace and protection for innocence. Those of the lawful good, however, tend to clash a bit with chaotic good in terms of what is right and wrong. 

Evil: In this alignment, characters try to encourage the growth of darkness and beckon those who fall from goodness or neutrality. The force of darkness is prominent in their hearts as they clash mostly with those of the good alignment.

Chaotic Evil: There is no stopping a chaotic evil character without being prepared to use any kind of force. They will stop at nothing to make sure that the darkness prevails, mostly for their own personal gain. Calling them evil is an understatement. 

Lawful Evil: While characters aligned with lawful evil still follow the path of darkness, they still act in fairness as they strive to bring down all forms of light. Reasoning with them to convert them to the side of light, however, would be a useless effort. The darkness in their hearts just might be as strong as or stronger than those of the chaotic evil alignment.

{Credit for this guideline goes to Leighton!}
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Alignments Guideline
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