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 Keyblade System

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Road to Destiny
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PostSubject: Keyblade System   Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:39 am


Keyblades are mysterious weapons that can harness the powers of their bearer (i.e. Light, Darkness, Ice, and etc). They play a key role in the war between Light and Darkness. In the past, before the Keyblade War, there were several individuals capable of wielding its power. However, their destruction reduced the number of wielders to a much smaller number. That is beginning to change, however. Keyblade Wielders are undoubtedly going to return with Keyblades unique to them. Does this mean you and I? Yes, it does. Here, we can harness the power of the Keyblade ourselves and utilize its abilities for whatever reasons we might have. Through training will we be able to master its abilities and become True Keyblade Masters. Just before we can, though, there are just a couple conditions that need to be met before Keyblades can become ours.

How to Get a Keyblade:

  • Level: To qualify for the Keyblade, one must meet a certain level before it is possible to go through the "Dive" and obtain it. At Level 10 of the first tier, you will meet the level requirement for qualifications. This is merely the minimum level. If you want, you can wait until later on before trying for a Keyblade. There is no rush whatsoever.
  • Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony: This ceremony is used by those who already possess the power of the Keyblade. Typically, it is used by Keyblade Masters who take on students, but the process can occur accidentally. The Keyblade itself is testing individual chosen by the Master. If it accepts the inheritor, then they will be able to manifest a Keyblade of their own. The Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony can be conducted by any player wielding a Keyblade, but only if they reach the rank of Master. Or, a Keyblade-wielding NPC can be created to do the ceremony with you. The last option is having an Administrator doing this for you if you make a request at "First Seeker's World" at the Road to Destiny HQ. In no way can a canon character be brought in. Do not ask, and do not have them involved.
    Passing of Power: "In your hand, take this Key. So long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking, its wielder you shall one day be. And you will find me, friend—no ocean will contain you then. No more borders around, or below, or above, so long as you champion the ones you love."
  • Dive to the Heart: Once you have fulfilled the previous two conditions, it is time for you to dive into the depths of your own heart. This is the part of the Keyblade trial where you must face a total of three trials. By passing each trial, you will come face to face with a door that leads you further inside. At the very end, is the darkness of your heart that takes physical form. Fight it and beat it to be granted permanent use of the Keyblade. You cannot have the aid of your friends, nor can you utilize commands in this inner world. Only your heart and your own hands can help you in this struggle. Each part should be done in separate threads, and each thread must go up to, at least, 2000 words.
    First Trial: In the first trial, you are sent into the dream-like world of your heart. As soon as you arrive at the very first platform, you will met with an unseen voice that beckons you to step towards the middle of the platform. You will be required to answer three questions. By answering these, you will be able to move on to the next trial. Note: What you say affects the kind of boss you will face at the end. What the platform looks like depends on you, except for the questions. The NPC voice is played by a staff member.
    Second Trial: After you have completed the first trial and you are allowed to move on, you will arrive at the second platform in your Dive to the Heart. Here is where you will face a small unit of Shadows to test your courage and strength of will. The number that appear is five. All Shadows are set at a level that is half of yours-- combat stats vary. To fight them, you use a dream weapon chosen at the start of this trial. It can be a weapon of your choice, but it only stays with you until the end of your third trial. It is possible to lose here, but only if you screw up bad. Beating them grants you the ability to move onto the final trial. Note: All Shadows opposing you here are played by a staff member, not you.
    Third Trial: The third and final trial that you will have to complete in order to gain the power of the Keyblade. On this final platform is where you will be fighting the final boss of your Heart. Unlike the Shadows that you faced in the previous enemies you fought before, this one is quite a bit stronger. Its level is equal to yours and its stats are distributed in a way that makes them a force to be reckoned with, but nothing impossible for you to work around. Defeating it means you are able to leave your Dive to the Heart and go back to the real world, but not without the power to use a Keyblade. Note: Final boss is played by a staff member.

With the completion of these conditions and the trials involved, you can app your Keyblade at the item shop. You will not be required to pay for it, because you have completed a tough trial and that is good enough. An administrator is going to check this registration app of your Keyblade and check the abilities you are wanting to give it to see if it's looking fair. Once you get the approval, you may put it in your character's locker for later usage. Another thing is that one of these three threads can be used as a social.

Keyblade Template:

Name: The Keyblade's name. {Example: Kingdom Key}
Weapon Type: This field is automatically set to "Keyblade".
Ability Function: What sort of ability your Keyblade can do.
Appearance: What your Keyblade looks like.
History: The story behind your Keyblade's origins.

[b]Weapon Type[/b]:
[b]Ability Function[/b]:

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Road to Destiny
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100/100  (100/100)

PostSubject: Re: Keyblade System   Mon May 09, 2016 10:50 pm

Keyblades (Cont.)

Unlike your other weapons that you may have, Keyblades actually give you a boost to your stats. And, lucky you, the boost is permanent as long as you have the Keyblade. The stats that get improved are completely up to you, but you are limited on how many points you can give out. Follow the brief guide below to better understand this small leveling system for Keyblades. 

  • Level 1: The starting level for all Keyblades.
    Word Count Requirement: None
    Munny Fee: None
    Ability Slots: 1
    Stat Points Bonus: 10 points
  • Level 2:
    Word Count Requirement: 1000 words
    Munny Fee: 500 munny
    Ability Slots: 2
    Stat Points Bonus: 5 points
  • Level 3:
    Word Count Requirement: 2000 words
    Munny Fee: 750 munny
    Ability Slots: 3
    Stat Points Bonus: 5
  • Level 4:
    Word Count Requirement: 4000 words
    Munny Fee: 1500 munny
    Ability Slots: 4
    Stat Points Bonus: 5

The ability slots are abilities that are gained from leveling the Keyblade up. As you gain a level, you gain one more slot and end up with a total of 4 slots upon reaching the max level. These do not count toward your command slots. The abilities that go in the Keyblade's slots can be apped for at the "Ability Registration" topic for staff approval. With each level up, too, you gain an extra 5 points to distribute to your stat bonus. These can be used to increase HP, MP, strength, and etc. 
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Keyblade System
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