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 Command System

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PostSubject: Command System   Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:45 am

Commands: Commands are different techniques that a character can learn through RP training. These can be used to spice up battles or gaining a possible advantage over an opponent during combat. A character can learn as many abilities as they want, but only a certain amount of them can be equipped. The ones that are equipped are referred to as "Active Abilities" and can be changed out at any time. However, this cannot be done during a thread. If you want use these abilities that you equipped, you'd only be able to use them in threads that take place after you equipped them. Magic is also included in this and are counted as commands since they can be equipped for usage in combat. 

Keep in mind that all abilities (commands) do a fixed number of damage based on their levels. 

Command Slots: Command slots are available to everyone who learns abilities. The number of slots you can have increase as you pass through the tiers. But, keep in mind that you do not gain more at every tier. 

  • Tier III: +1 Command Slot
  • Tier V: + 1 Command Slot
  • Tier VII: +1 Command Slot
  • Tier IX: + 1 Command Slot

At the starting level, you begin with only 3 command slots available to you and you gain a total of 4 more once you get through the tiers... III, V, VII, and IX. In the end, you get a maximum of 7 slots to use for your abilities.

Training Commands: It is possible to train your commands to make them have stronger effects than before. Just like your characters, your commands can be leveled up by completing certain word count requirements. With the training of these commands, there is a small munny payment. These payments are only required if you are not being trained by another player. 

If you have an NPC character training you, then the costs remain and will need to be paid before the level-up is yours.

  • Level 1:
    Word Count Required: None
    Munny Fee: None
    HP Damage: 5 {Direct Contact} | 1 {Partial Contact}
    MP Cost: 5 | -5 each turn {if maintainable}
    Range: 5-15 meters | 0-1 meter radius
    Speed: 0-5 m/s 
  • Level 2:
    Word Count Required: 1500 words
    Munny Fee: 500 munny
    HP Damage: 10 {Direct Contact} | 5 {Partial Contact}
    MP Cost: 15 | -5 each turn {if maintainable}
    Range: 5-25 meters | 2-4 meter radius
    Speed: 5-15 m/s
  • Level 3:
    Word Count Required: 2000 words
    Munny Fee: 750 munny
    HP Damage: 15 {Direct Contact} | 5 {Partial Contact}
    MP Cost: 20 | -5 each turn {if maintainable}
    Range: 5-35 meters | 4-6 meter radius
    Speed: 15-25 m/s
  • Level 4:
    Word Count Required: 3000 words
    Munny Fee: 1000 munny
    HP Damage: 20 {Direct Contact} | 5 {Partial Contact}
    MP Cost: 25 | -5 each turn {if maintainable}
    Range: 5-45 meters | 6-15 meter radius
    Speed: 25-35 m/s
  • Level 5:
    Word Count Required: 4000 words
    Munny Fee: 1500 munny
    HP Damage: 25 {Direct Contact} | 10 {Partial Contact}
    MP Cost: 30 | -5 each turn {if maintainable}
    Range: 5-55 meters | 15-25 meter radius
    Speed: 35-45 m/s
  • Level 6:
    Word Count Required: 7000 words
    Munny Fee: 3000 munny
    HP Damage: 30 {Direct Contact} | 10 {Partial Contact}
    MP Cost: 35 | -4 each turn {if maintainable}
    Range: 5-65 meters | 25-35 meter radius
    Speed: 45-55 m/s

Command Template: For the commands that you use and want to make, there is a template that details all of the necessary information about the ability. This is also what you use for registering them.

Command Name: What the command is called.
Canon/Custom: Canon if it comes from any of the games. Custom if it is original.
Type: Offense or Support.
Element: If there is an element affiliated with the technique, put that down.
Range: Distance that the ability reaches.
Duration: How long the ability lasts.
Cooldown: How long you wait before being able to use it again.
Description: A detailed description of the ability's function, what it does, and etc.

[b]Command Name[/b]:

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Command System
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