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 Mission System

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PostSubject: Mission System   Wed Jan 13, 2016 5:23 pm

Missions/Jobs: Missions and jobs are varied tasks that can be completed in each realm, similar to what you are capable of doing in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. All have difficulties of various ranges, so be careful with whichever one you choose to do. 

It's also possible to create missions to do for yourself, or for others. Be sure to state whether it is a repeatable mission or not. Otherwise, we may think that it can only be done a single time. To make one, all you have to do is follow the mission template and post it in the "Jobs/Missions Board" and wait for it to be approved. A moderator over missions will give the custom mission a review before providing a judgement.

Pre-approved missions can be taken by posting in the specific topic where they are displayed, the 'mission briefing' topics. You can only take missions in your own realm. So, if you belong to the Realm of Light, you can only take missions for the Realm of Light. Only two missions can be taken at a time and are only considered 'complete' when you have posted a link to the completed mission in the mission briefing topics where they were first accepted.

The required word count for each mission is not divided, so each participant must fulfill the minimum for themselves for it to be completed.

Mission/Job Difficulties: Each mission you take will have a difficulty level. This determines how hard your task is intended to be, so you must be watchful of this. To know the difficulty, simply find where the mission details mentions "stars". 

  • 3 Stars: The easiest simplest missions one can take. These usually require you to find lost items and do not require travel outside of your home realm.
  • 4 Stars: These missions do require you to travel a little bit, but there is nothing of high risk. For example, deliveries or fighting a couple low-level enemies. 
  • 5 Stars: The danger level has been brought up some, so there is going to be a little risk in these missions. It's possible that you may have to fight a group of Heartless or other enemies. Perhaps even a single, large Heartless.
  • 6 Stars: These missions are quite troublesome for those who are not very careful. You are usually required to take part in covert operations to gather information or delve into the other realm. You're life may or may not be put at risk, but that depends on the job.
  • 7 Stars: These missions are quite difficult to complete and require reasonable levels of skill. Covert Operations may not have been enough for you, so you want to take on something that gives you a little thrill. You might be required to capture hearts, or assassinate certain figures to end their reign of darkness. Maybe you are trying to turn them into a Heartless! Or, perhaps, the Unversed and Dream Eaters are stirring up big trouble. Actions that are quite careless may result in you losing your own heart or life.
  • 8 Stars: The most difficult of all missions. It's very possible that these missions would require a party of high-ranking individuals to complete due to how threatening they might be. These are only for plot-related tasks and cannot be taken without an Admin's approval. NPC characters are only played by moderators, as well, and none are repeatable. 

Mission/Job Rewards: You won't be walking away empty-handed after a completed mission. Depending on the difficulty of the mission, your reward might be a generous one. I'm talking about a whopping load of munny. Or, it could just be a little bit and nothing impressive.

  • 3 Stars: 50-100 munny.
  • 4 Stars: 110-200 munny.
  • 5 Stars: 220-300 munny.
  • 6 Stars: 330-650 munny.
  • 7 Stars: 750-1000 munny.
  • 8 Stars: 2500-6000 munny.

Minimum Word Count Requirements: As you participate in missions, you have to complete a certain word count goal in order for it to be completed. Please follow this little guide to help you.

  • 3 Stars: 500 words.
  • 4 Stars: 1000 words.
  • 5 Stars: 1500 words.
  • 6 Stars: 2000 words.
  • 7 Stars: 3000 words.
  • 8 Stars: 10000 words.

Assignment: {Name of the mission.}
Assignment Difficulty: {How hard the mission is. Please use the Star difficulty scale.}
Assignment Objective: {What the mission requires you to do.}
Location: {Where the mission is to be done.}
Reward: {What you receive for completing the mission.}
Assignment Summary: {IC details that you should know before you take the mission. Include information about any NPCs that might be involved.}

[b]Assignment Difficulty[/b]:
[b]Assignment Objective[/b]:
[b]Assignment Summary[/b]:

And should there be any NPCs in the mission, please use the following template and post it with your custom mission for it to be approved.
[b]NPC Name[/b]: {What the NPC goes by.}
[b]Age[/b]: {How old the NPC is. If it's not applicable, put N/A.}
[b]General Appearance[/b]: {What the NPC looks like.}
[b]Abilities[/b]: {What the NPC is capable of doing.}
[b]Other[/b]: {Any other important information we need to know.}

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Mission System
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