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 General Rules

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Road to Destiny
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PostSubject: General Rules   Wed Jan 13, 2016 5:12 pm


To all members of Kingdom Hearts: Road to Destiny, the staff welcomes you to this growing community! We hope that you all will have fun participating in the RP and get together in the chat for some fun conversations. Remember to be fair and have a great time in our community!

General Rules

Basic Rules:

  • Plagiarizing Others' Work - Doing your own work is always a good thing, and always encouraged, too. When you use someone else's great work for your own benefit, it causes real problems and is highly prohibited here. If there is any amount of plagiarism found in your posts, you will be warned and suspended for at least a week. Banning may occur depending on the severity.
  • Spamming - If you are spamming a post to attempt to get more added to your word count, or you are trying to get the attention of someone, like a staff member, you will be kicked off the forum for a few days as punishment or worse. No one likes being bugged incredibly.
  • Applications - Applications for a character, or ability, should be posted in the correct area for it to be checked for approval. If it shows up anywhere that isn't the designated forum, the application will be deleted and not checked. The same goes for any kind of post, really, so be aware of what you are doing.
  • Alternate Accounts - Alternate accounts are allowed here; I use one as well. These are used for making another character if you are wanting to take a break from your primary. Do not go wild with alternate accounts, though. Having one or two characters should be enough for you. An unreasonable amount of alts will result in them being deleted.
  • Respect Staff - The staff works hard for this to be a great community for everyone to enjoy, so give them the respect that they deserve. Disrespecting the staff may result in getting banned for a day or two.

Chatbox Rules:

  • Trolling - This is perhaps even worse than just spamming. In the chat, if there is any trolling going on, it will result in you being immediately kicked from the chat and/or banned from the community.
  • Language - Because not everyone is into foul language and kids come onto these forums, members need to keep it clean while inside the chatbox. If you need to vent, find someone you know well and let it all out with them.
  • Requesting - There are places where you can request for something to be checked. Repeatedly requesting for a staff member to do something for you inside the chat, or even in PMs, is pretty rude. But, if you just happen to see them in the chat with you, and you simply want to give a reminder, that is okay.
  • Arguing - Arguments are common, but not welcome in the chat for everyone to get dragged into. If you have a beef with someone, deal with it in private and get it resolved quickly.

Forum Rules:

  • Dead Topics - Dead topics cannot be brought back, and are a no posting zone for members. If there is posting in a dead topic, they will be deleted.
  • Topic Titles - Topic titles should be on point and brief. If you are traveling, you should point that out by putting [Travel] or [Travel/Lanes Between] in the title. Should it be a thread where a fight can or cannot occur, point it out with the [ ]. Examples are left below.

                      *[travel/no kill/solo]
                      *[private/kill enabled/(Name of who is with you)]
                      *[public/party only/no kill]

  • Multiple Threads - Having multiple threads can be pretty messy at times, so it is advised that you only start out with one. When you have finished a thread, be sure to close and exit before moving onto another.
  • Item & Ability Use - Items and abilities can only be used if you have purchased them, or learned them from another person. You cannot use either if you have purchased the item after starting a thread or if it is not in your inventory. They will become available after you have added everything to your inventory and have moved to the next thread.
  • Canon Characters - While you may see them in arcs and possibly the RP, there is a very important rule regarding them. To have anyone of the Canons included in your regular RP, you must have special permission from the Administrator, or a Global Mod if the Admin is unavailable, to allow for these characters to be in your RP. Additionally, only a staff member can act out as the Canon. If it is a staff member seeking permission to have them in their threads (Yes, we need to get permission too), then a different staff member must play the role. 

(Additional rules may be put in at any time. Be sure to check in frequently.)
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General Rules
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